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Branded stirrup by TATA TISCON, the only rebar in India which has acquired the ‘Superbrand’ status.

A stirrup is a close loop made of reinforcement bars which holds the main reinforcement bars together in an RCC structure. The complete safety of a building can be ensured only if the main reinforcement is supported by good quality stirrups.

TISCON SUPERLINKS are machine made stirrups to ensure consistency, quality & accurate dimensions.

Tata TISCON 500D has less of these harmful impurities. The combined level of Sulphur and Phosphorus is restricted to a maximum of 0.075% in Tata TISCON Fe500D.


What is a stirrup? A stirrup is a closed loop of reinforcement bar that are used to hold the main reinforcement bars together in an RCC structure. What is the function of a stirrup? In a column, the stirrups provide the lateral support to the main bars against buckling. When used in beams, a stirrup is termed as shear or transverse reinforcement since it withstands the shear force in such a case How does a stirrup look? Stirrups can be of various shapes depending on the design and shape of the load bearing member e.g. Circular, polygonal, a U-stirrup or a crosstie. However the most commonly used shape in normal construction is a rectangular or a square one. The ends of the stirrups should ideally be locked together in the shape of a hook for better unitization of concrete core with main bars. This ensures that a closed stirrup does not open up under any lateral or shear forces. What is the current practice? Traditionally, in India, the stirrups are made manually at the construction site by the bar benders using rudimentary practices. In most cases, such stirrups do not comply with the prescribed standards. Beside dimensional inaccuracies, this can lead to improper locking of the ends thereby increasing the chances of failure during earthquakes. Such a manual practice of making stirrups, beside leading to wastages, also takes more time as well as needs more space at the site.


Why do you need TISCON Superlinks for your home? Stirrups of inferior quality act like “weak-links” in a RCC structure and can enhance the chances of collapse of a building under adverse conditions. The guidelines on the design of a stirrup have been prescribed in various Indian building codes viz. RCC code of Practice IS-456, IS-2502, SP-34 and Indian Ductile Detailing Code IS-13920. Tiscon Superlinks are the rectangular or square shaped stirrups made from automated machines. They have a 135° hook as prescribed in…, for better unitization with concrete core. The radius of bend provided is as per IS standards which prevents microscopic cracks on the bend surface. The uniform and accurate dimensions of Tiscon Superlinks ensure that the stirrups always remain vertical and fit tightly with the main reinforcement bars.


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