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With high torsional rigidity and compressive strength, these hollow sections are comparably more efficient than conventional steel sections. The excellent distribution of material around the axis of the square and rectangular steel hollow sections allows for remarkable strength qualities and thus offers decisive advantages in its applications. The smooth and uniform profile of the sections minimizes corrosion and facilitates easy, onsite fabrication to significantly enhance the aesthetics of structures. A higher strength to weight ratio credits these sections with nearly 20% reduction in the use of steel.


The versatility of these sections allows for a wide range of applications as industrial sheds and exhibition stalls to space frames and sign supporting structures. The sections can also be utilised for large span portal frames, amusement parks and playground equipments, guard rails for staircases, sports galleries, pedestrian walkovers, bridges and bus stands amongst other uses.


• They have increased tensile capacity because of concentric connections and increased compressive strength because of higher radius of gyration.
• They possess full strength under bending moment due to superior torsional rigidity.
• Outer smooth profile ensures no trappings of dirt and water, thus reducing chances of corrosion reaction.


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